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Swept under the rug

Last week I linked to Samantha Beattie’s article in the Huffington Post from my Facebook page, which detailed her experience training with and competing for the University of Guelph cross country and track and field teams. Beattie’s story is significant … Continue reading

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Getting it right.

Well folks, I ran another marathon so it’s time for a rare blog update! Whether you missed it, or you’ve heard about my race and wanted to know all of the glorious details, here it is… Running the Toronto Waterfront … Continue reading

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They don’t know nothing about redemption, they don’t know nothing about recovery

My blog is a little bit like my running, isn’t it? It goes through some rough patches but it just keeps stubbornly hanging on. I haven’t given up on you, little blog! I ran a marathon last month, so I … Continue reading

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The going get tough, the tough get debt

It’s the long-awaited (not really) update! Sorry everyone, I was too busy sucking at running and I didn’t want to talk about it. This sport can be pretty cruel sometimes. I had a rough 2014 and it somehow turned out … Continue reading

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The PB Leslie deserves, but not the one she needs

Well, what can I say? Sometimes you feel great and execute a race perfectly, and sometimes you don’t. In this case, it was completely my own fault. As I went through 3k, finally getting dropped from the lead pack for … Continue reading

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And just when you think you are done paying dues

I suppose it’s well past time for an update! And brace yourselves, because this update isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and personal bests. Nope, it’s Westeros-style winters, injuries, and ok, there was a personal best in there. Things aren’t always … Continue reading

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Boxing Day 10-Miler: The successful third attempt

It’s been a while, mostly because I haven’t had much worth writing about. Well, that’s not true. I like complaining about the weather all winter, but that strikes me as something people might not want to read about. In any … Continue reading

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Mission accomplished: didn’t run like a useless piece of garbage.

As many of you know, running cross country is a struggle for me. Don’t get me wrong, cross country is great. I love the idea of cross country, it’s the purest form of our sport and requires guts and toughness. … Continue reading

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I don’t hate cross country!

I figured I would do a quick update. Training has gone well since the half marathon. I took a very easy week, then ramped up the training again, and threw in a few races for fun and profit. In late … Continue reading

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Throwing the game plan out the window

Shortly after I finished the Columbus Half Marathon last Sunday, the following conversation occurred between my housemates back in London. Ben: (Steve coming up the stairs) “Did you see the result yet?” Steve: “Not yet.” Ben: “You need to see.” … Continue reading

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