A marathoner is you!

Well, eventually.

That’s right, 2012 will be the year of the marathon for me. After having marathons on the brain for all of my collegiate years, watching tons of online streams of the marathon majors and getting fired up every time, and experiencing constant frustration with ridiculously short races (1500m, I’m looking at you!), it’s time. Now, I’m not planning on running one until the fall, so thankfully you won’t need to hear completely unrealistic garbage from me about “taking a shot at qualifying for the Olympics” or endure endless tweets with “#london2012!!!” in them.

Why the marathon? As a self-proclaimed distance donkey, I’ve felt that I tend to perform better at longer distances. And, more importantly, I will finally get some respect in the running community! I’ve suffered through years of having to tell people “I’m a runner! You should think I’m awesome!” only to hear something like “have you run a marathon?” And then I have to say no while attempting to hide my shame and mutter something about my 10k time or that I’ve done a lot of 100-mile weeks. Now I get to say, “I’m running a marathon in the fall!” See, I haven’t even run the marathon yet and I already have a better response to the dreaded “have you run a marathon” question!

In the meantime, I’m training for Around the Bay as a trial run this spring. This race has been on my bucket list for a while, and it makes sense to try a 30k in preparation for a fall marathon. I will also be racing the Canadian Half-Marathon Championships in Montreal this year.

And so the grind continues. I’m getting used to doing some longer workouts that seem to go on forever. Seriously, at Tuesday’s workout I finished a tempo and everybody else in the club was gone. And I still had to do my cool down. I don’t have any good stories yet, but I’m sure that over the next few weeks I will have some tales about badass workouts to tell. More interesting stories means more frequent blog updates.

So, friends, follow me in my journey towards the marathon this year. I plan to provide mileage totals, entertaining race reports, and the maybe the occasional rant if something annoys me enough to overcome the marathon-training-induced-apathy I will surely get. It should be fun…right?

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