Post-nationals blues

I seem to keep trying to blog, but each time I end up writing a long, rambling post in a mostly depressing tone. And then I end up giving up because no one wants to read that (and Steve will complain that I’m being too negative…Negative? Me?)
The trouble is that I haven’t really had anything particularly exciting or inspiring to write about since nationals. I’m in a post-nationals-pre-Ontario Championships state of limbo, and to be honest, it’s not very enjoyable. The Canadian Championships went better than I ever could have expected. I was fit going in, I peaked well, and now…well, I’m not sure what to do with myself. There is still a week to go until the Athletics Ontario Championships, and I seem to be lacking strength and motivation. I’m almost anxious for the season to be over with so that I can get on with training for the Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon (only 99 days until race day!)
I had a rough race last week at the Forest City 5k. I was hoping to go after a fast time in the 5000m. It was a good setup, as some guys from the club were also racing and looking to run around the same time as I was. Unfortunately, about 3k into the race my body said “screw you Leslie, I raced a week ago and I’m still tired.” Then I fell off horribly and barely ran under seven minutes for the final 2k. Ugh. I finished in 16:53.03 (at least it was faster than I ran in Calgary!)
Looking back, I can’t really be surprised at how the race turned out. I had a great race in Calgary. I went to the well and left everything out there on the track. Six days later, I took a gamble and raced again because it would be my last opportunity to run a fast 5000m. Obviously, I was still tired from my effort at nationals, and it showed.

So that brings us to the present and there isn’t much more to say. I can’t brag about my awesome training and high mileage because it’s near the end of the season and I’m tapering/maintaining. I promise something more exciting once half-marathon training starts and I have plenty of tales of epic mileage totals, hardcore workouts, and magical runs out on Denfield. The callousing begins on July 24th.

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