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These past two weeks have been frustrating. Between the heat and my ever-persistent allergies, training has been pretty tough. I’ve still been getting some good mileage in, but my workouts have definitely suffered. I actually had to skip a workout last week because my allergies left me practically incapable of functioning properly (so don’t rip on Galen Rupp for DNS-ing the Prefontaine Classic 10,000m due to allergies, kids). Allergies are horrible and disgusting. They turn me into a grumpy and bitter sneezing mess while everyone else gets to enjoy the flowers and wonderful springtime weather.

Then there was the fact that my second 1500m race of the season, at RCLDS #3 on June 5th, went poorly. I felt tight and tired on the very first lap, but I got stubborn and decided to lead 1300m of the race because I didn’t want to screw around by starting slowly and running for the win (because that’s stupid in a twilight meet where the win doesn’t matter). So I ended up running slowly and losing, which I’m not convinced is any better.

But yesterday I managed to cheer up. I was talking to Steve about how my blog was all sad this week and he said, “Hey, remember that time when you ran three PBs in three races in a row on the track, because you are in the best shape of your life? Why don’t you write about that?”

So, about that time when I ran three PBs in three races in a row on the track because I am in the best shape of my life…

As you may have read in my previous blogs, I ran personal bests in my first three track races. I ran a small PB in the 10,000m, followed by a big PB in the 5000m, followed by an absolutely miniscule PB in the 1500m. Today I shall talk about that 1500m race. I raced the Speed River Middle Distance Inferno back on May 28th. This race also happened to be the most competitive 1500m race of my life. I was seeded 11th out of 11 women, so I was terrified. But I desperately wanted to run a fast 1500m. I was coming off of a 16:34.51 performance (a personal best and a club record) at the 5000m in London on the Tuesday before. I wanted to make it two PBs and two club records in one week. Yeah, that would look pretty good on facebook and twitter.

To be honest, the race wasn’t quite what I wanted. There was, of course, the normal pain and suffering of a 1500m (meaning that one lap in, my legs felt awful and I thought my lungs were about to explode). I felt a bit flat on race day, the first lap of 70 seconds was a terrible shock, and I somehow managed to fall asleep on the second lap and run a 74, but I closed well over the last 500m to pass a few women. I ended up finishing in 4:33.37 (0.02 faster than my previous PB and 0.03 faster than the previous club record in the 1500m). I was happy to have beaten a few women seeded ahead of me, as I went in seeded 11th and finished 7th. Still, it sucks to get beaten by ten seconds in a 1500m race and have six people finish ahead of me.

Sorry, I went into sad mode again at the end of that. It seems that I can’t describe a race without talking about pain and suffering and disappointment. But this is different. I was genuinely excited about my performance, because I ran well and I knew that there was definitely more in the tank. But then I got some pollen or something up my nose and everything went to hell.

So here’s the plan: I’m going to take another shot at the dreaded three-and-three-quarter lap race on June 18th, aka. New Balance 1500m night. And then I’m going to rock the Nationals 5000m. And if I’m sad, I’ll just ask myself, “hey self, remember that time when you ran three PBs in three races in a row on the track, because you are in the best shape of your life?”

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  2. Jane says:

    You ARE going to rock Nats 5000m. I can’t wait! Fitness is there…attitude is coming ;).

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