The Lawn Garbage Tour of London, Ontario

In case you didn’t already know, I am a dedicated road-race-whore. A while back I looked at the Forest City Road Races website and got a bit excited about the half marathon. $250 for the win? A winning time of 1:23 last year? I’m there!

I did the race as a steady run in order to get a workout in but not tire myself out so close to the Ontario 10,000m Championships on May 8th. So the plan was to run at around 4:00 min/kilometer race, but not to go faster than 3:55 pace. I wasn’t quite as even as I wanted to be with my pacing, but overall I averaged 3:59s for a time of 1:23:43. A few of the initial kilometer markers could have been off (the 5k marker was way off), so I may have messed myself up even more by seeing an inaccurate split and adjusting based on that, who knows. I also may have gotten a little excited over the second half of the race as I picked it up a bit to pass a few of the men in front of me who had gone out a bit quickly. My racing instincts are always there, even when I wasn’t technically racing. In any case, I got in a good workout and took the win and a paycheque.

The highlight of the race was definitely getting to see all of the crap on the lawns of university student homes all over the city. Since the race was on May 1st, it coincided with move-out weekend for a lot of Western students. The race started downtown and took a winding trip through and around campus, so we got to see an assortment of garbage bags, soiled couches, and other furniture in various states of disrepair on every other front lawn. Nice job, Western students. Your efforts for city beautification were surely appreciated by the hundreds of people that had the privilege of running the lawn garbage tour of London last weekend.

I’m sure I could find some other things to rant about (seriously, I have a file of rants to put in future blogs, but I have enough trouble keeping on top of race reports and training updates to use them), but I promised myself I would keep this short. Besides, I’m tired and I need to rest up for twenty-five laps of pain and suffering on Sunday. And by pain and suffering I mean that the 10,000m is an awesome event and everyone should do it. The good news is that thanks to SSD and Megan Brown, we have a whopping total of four women running the Athletics Ontario 10,000m Championships on May 8th (see the preview article here). It might sound like I’m being all sarcastic and sad, but four is twice as many as last year’s two competitors. So the numbers are improving, but obviously they could be much, much better. Seriously, ladies, stop being weak little babies afraid of the 10,000m. Yes, the 10,000m is difficult, physically and mentally. But if you didn’t want to do something challenging, you picked the wrong sport. “Man up” and run something longer than 1,500m, already.

Looks like I did do some ranting, after all. You should read Watson’s tongue-in-cheek post on media whoring; he’s spot on (“I hope that OPMW [Operation Media Whore] is a success because being a shitty runner who is good at taking advantage of the naiveness of the general public may be easier and more lucrative than being a kick ass runner who works their balls off for scraps.”) and pretty damn funny. I may be a road race whore, but I like to abide by the “let your running do the talking” mentality. So with that said, I’m going to shut up and run on Sunday.

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