Snotrockets are not sexy.

I can tell that it’s cross country season and that fall is approaching because the frequency of snotrockets has increased. The cooler weather has wrecked havoc upon my sinuses, causing me to gross out people in the park as I attempt to clear the mucus from my nostrils. Snotrockets are not sexy. However, I can appreciate the skill it takes to let one go without breaking stride. I’m still working on my technique. Steve suggested that I avoid writing about this in my blog, because “snotrockets are not sexy.” However, I would contend that much of distance running (especially cross country) is not sexy. Mud, sweat, grimaces of pain…wait a second. It’s time to drop this angle.

The past few weeks have gone well. Following a low-mileage “rest week” after the Athletics Ontario Championships in Sudbury, I got right back into some good training. I spent part of the week in London, so I was able to do my workouts with the club. I went to Kingston the following week, where I struggled to run during the heat wave. Then I spent the weekend up at my family’s cottage in Haliburton, where the temperature was in the low teens and I had only t-shirts to wear.

Since this is a training blog, I will post the details of the previous two weeks.

Week of August 23rd – August 29th (High mileage week)

Monday: AM – 10 miles easy, PM – 6.2 miles easy
Tuesday: AM – 10 miles easy, included some loops on the grass at Milne Park, PM – 6.2 miles easy
Wednesday: AM – 6 mile easy shakeout, PM – LRDC workout, 22 up, 20 tempo, 4 hard hills, 2k hard tempo (7:13), 20 down (10.6 miles total)
Thursday: AM – the “Gibbons double” (8.5km/5.3 miles) with Steve, PM – 61 easy (8.2 miles)
Friday: AM – Gibbons double in 40:43, PM – 70 easy at Gibbons (8.8 miles)
Saturday: AM – 70 easy, included 14 min. of light tempo with the LRDC girls (8.8 miles), PM – Gibbons double in 41:55
Sunday: AM – Attempted Denfield run. 10:42 up, only made it to about 3.5 km at 3:45-3:55 pace. Felt awful, straining to run what should have been a decent pace for me. (3.5 miles) PM – Easy hour in Markham. Felt good. (8 miles)
Total: 102.2 miles

Week of August 30th – September 5th (Medium mileage week)

Monday: AM – 70 easy. Really hot, struggled in the last 25 (9 miles). PM – 50 easy. Still hot. (6.2 miles)
Tuesday: AM – 42:41 easy in Kingston (5.3 miles). PM – 80 minutes, included two loops of the course (2.5 km), one easy (11:05), one moderate (10:20). (10.5 miles)
Wednesday: AM – 38 minutes easy (4.8 miles) PM – 24 up, 15 tempo, 5 rest, 6 X 2 min hard, 1 min easy, 26 down. Fort Henry course, hit 1k in ~3:40, 2k in ~7:30 during the tempo (10.8 miles)
Thursday: AM – 32:46 easy (4.1 miles) , PM – 80 easy (10 miles)
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: AM – 18k progression run plus 23 min. cool down on the Haliburton Rail Trail. Raining, cold, windy. Splits were: 5:01, 4:50, 4:52, 4:36, 4:31, 4:24, 4:25, 4:25, 4:15, 4:12, 4:10, 4:13, 3:59, 4:00, 3:50, 3:53, 3:47, 3:46. Tough section between 6k and 12k when the footing was bad on the trail. Felt like I was running on sand (14 miles).
Sunday: AM – 50 easy (6.2 miles), PM – 25 minutes easy with my dad on the Glebe park trail (3 miles)
Total: 84 miles

I came across a nice quote by George Malley on the Letsrun forums (you might have also seen it on Steve’s facebook status):

“To work around job/study schedules just means you have to be disciplined and not waste any time during the day. If you act like running is as an ordinary part of your day as eating and sleeping, it will become ordinary. If you think you are special because you run a lot then it will never become ordinary.

“This was my schedule during my Senior year of college. While I had most of my credits for my degree completed in three years I still had some pesky labs to deal with during this season. All it did was force me to run alone in the dark a couple times a week. Big whup.”

A big goal of mine is to become more consistent with my training. I like the idea of running being an ordinary (and necessary) part of my day. I might need to run alone in the dark, too. This should not be a deterring factor or even an obstacle for anyone who is serious about the sport. It is simply a matter of getting it done. I am going to live by this as I train in my post-collegiate years.

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One Response to Snotrockets are not sexy.

  1. jtlinmtl says:

    Yes they are!

    If you are training with Sherisse, teach her some seriousness. Actually, she’s pretty serious.

    I enjoy the blog. Thanks for writing.

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