It’s a Brand New Day

Track season has ended, and now we sit on the eve of cross country season. I’ve been meaning to update more often, so I suppose this is as good a time as any to reflect on my track season and talk about my plans for the future.

Here is the complete list of results for my spring/summer season. Lists and tables are good, because they take up lots of space, so that way it looks like I’m putting a lot of effort into my blog when I’m really just filling up entries with a bunch of numbers.

– Kingston Limestone Half Marathon: 1st in 1:22:27
– Markham Women’s 5k: 1st in 18:09.60
– Athletics Ontario 10,000m Championships: 1st in 35:17.71
– LRDC (London Distance Classic/401 Series) 3000m: 3rd in 10:03.14
– Unionville 5k road race: 1st in 18:13
– Athletics Ontario National Qualifier at York University 5000m: 1st in 17:12.89
– LRDC (5000m showdown) 5000m: 1st in 16:55.57
– LRDC (1500m night) 1500m: 8th in 4:33.39
– Angus Glen Five Miler: 1st in 28:36
– Acura Ten Miler: 1st in 58:24.6
– Canadian Track and Field Championships 5000m: 3rd in 16:47.33
– LRDC 1500m: 2nd in 4:34.85 + 400m relay (no time)
– Athletics Ontario Championships Senior 3000m: 2nd in 9:53.09
– Athletics Ontario Championships Senior 1500m: 1st in 4:40.08

Event PB prior to summer 2010 Summer 2010 seasonal best Improvement
800m 2:17.17 N/A None
1500m 4:36.68 4:33.39 3.29 sec.
3000m 9:45.51 9:53.09 None
5000m 17:06.62 16:47.33 19.29 sec.
10000m 38:55.XX (road) 35:17.71 3:37
Half-marathon 1:20:48.9 1:22:27 None

Not too bad for someone who spent the previous spring, summer, and fall injured. I owe a lot to the monster base I built up during the winter, which allowed me to step on the track in May and run a good 10k after only a handful of workouts. On the whole, I’m happy with how the summer went. I would have liked to have run faster in the 5000m. I think I was fit enough to run 16:40 or faster, but the opportunity to do so never really presented itself. The national championships had the potential to be fast, but a first kilometer of 3:35 dashed my hopes of a sub-16:40 clocking. Next year we will look at either setting up a rabbitted race in London or travelling to a competitive race south of the border so I can have the chance to run a fast time. I also would have liked to set a personal best in the 3000m so that I could tell people that I ran personal bests at every event from 1500m to 10,000m, but I’m not upset about it. My final 3k of the 5k race at nationals was about 9:48 (three seconds off of my pb). That’s good enough for me. In short, it was a breakthrough season for me. I don’t have much to complain about, other than the lack of women running 10,000m, of course. I ran some great times and met a lot of great people.

I’m thankful that I decided to run a summer track season, not only for the good results I had, but because it was a necessary step in my long-term development. Prior to this summer, I was a collegiate runner that had some vague notions of training seriously after university, but I lacked direction and focus. By running a summer track season, I was exposed to a high level of competition. I also joined the London Runner Distance Club, which means that I will have a training group and coaching during my post-collegiate years. Having a training group of serious runners will be far more conducive to training hard and consistently than going at it alone. I hope to help build a strong post-collegiate group in London in the long-term, so that other distance runners can do the same. I suppose I fell into this group unintentionally, but it was nevertheless an important step forward.

My long-term plans include moving up to the marathon, but this is still a few years off. In the meantime, the focus will be to get faster at the 5k and 10k events. Next summer I will do a 1500m/5000m training focus to work on my speed. After running some decent 1500m races this summer, this prospect doesn’t seem so terrifying.

Right now, however, cross country season is upon us. I will be racing my first national cross country championships as a senior. Here is the tentative racing schedule.

September 18: Guelph Open (4k)
October 7: Mustang Open (4k)
October 16: Canadian 10k road race championships
October 31: London Hallowe’en Haunting (10k)
November 14: Ontario XC Championships
November 27: Canadian XC Championships

Well, this has been a long blog entry with little interesting content and a lot of filler. I’ll do what the cool bloggers do and leave you with some music. Stay tuned for the next entry, where I talk about my first few weeks of training for cross country in excruciating detail!

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