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What, like the back of a Volkswagen?

10 miles. The possibility of winning $1000. How bad could it be? Well… OK, it wasn’t that bad. But the Acura Ten Miler took me to a rather uncomfortable place. No, not the back of a Volkswagen. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Donny, you’re out of your element.

I raced a 1500m on Friday, June 25th (yes, I realize that was a while ago, but I’ve fallen behind on my blogging lately). I, like Donny in The Big Lebowski, was definitely out of my element. I had no … Continue reading

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Weapon of Choice

These came in the mail for me today. Apparently I race one good 1500m and suddenly I fancy myself as some kind of miler or something. Aren’t they beautiful? Of course, the Nike Victory XC spike showed up on Eastbay … Continue reading

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