…Followed by a not-so-great week…

Another week done.  I was at home for reading week during much of it, but unfortunately I came down with a cold.  I realize that many would usually say that when one has a cold, the solution is to “man up” and go for a run anyway.  I’ve tried this approach several times this year and I can’t say it’s worked very well.  Whenever I’ve tried to run through a cold, it becomes much worse and very drawn-out.  With the OUA championships coming up, I needed to rest this week in order to get healthy quickly.  My cold affected my race on Friday, but by Saturday and Sunday I was feeling much better.  I still have a pretty stuffed-up nose, but my energy levels are back up now, so I’m glad that I played it smart and rested.
Monday, Feb 16, 2009
AM: 55:58, 8.3 miles (6:45 pace)
Tuesday, Feb 17, 2009
Sick.  Rested.
Wednesday, Feb 18, 2009
Thursday, Feb 19, 2009
PM: 34:04, 5.0 mi
les (6:49 pace).  Still sick. Had to stop for a few coughing fits.
Friday, Feb 20, 2009
PM: 52 min, 7.0 miles total for the day.
1500m race at the U of T Hal Brown Memorial Meet. 4:44.38, 5th place. Felt like I had no energy due to my cold. Started feeling awful 600m in and really fell apart with 500m to go. 23 up/24 down.
Saturday, Feb 21, 2009
AM: 1:04:11, 8.4 miles (7:38 pace).  Ran with Lindsay for 40, then did some extra on my own
PM: 1:23:44, 12 miles (6:59 pace).  Snowing for the entire run, so the footing got pretty bad in the last 5 miles. Felt good though.
Sunday, Feb 22, 2009
AM: 2:01:28, 16 miles (7:36 pace).  Ran with Lindsay for about 75, then added more. I was going to stop at two hours, but the Garmin told me I was 0.2 miles away from 16, so I went a little over.
Total: 56.7 miles.
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