Three Weeks Lost…

…but I think I’m finally back on track.  For what, I’m still not sure.

The few weeks following my half marathon were absolutely terrible.  First I was stiff.  I thought going out for a run on Monday morning would help, but I gave up after a mile or two of shuffling.  I took a few days off until I was finally able to go down the stairs forwards (rather than sideways or backwards because my quads were screaming in pain).  But even after that, I wasn’t even close to 100%.  I must have caught some sort of bug, because a lot of people at work said they were experiencing the same thing.  I had no energy.  I was sleeping constantly, and having to drag myself out of bed after 10 or 12 hours of sleep, feeling like I could have slept soundly for another five hours.  My running was sort of spotty at this time.  I would have one or two good days, then crash for a while.  I definitely lost some fitness and gained a few pounds during this time.  OK, it’s probably like two or three pounds, but it makes a difference on someone my size.  But I figure it should go once I step up my training, so I’m not very worried about it.

Finally, I started to feel better last week.  I was able to put in a decent week of training.  I wasn’t doing anything too intense, but it was some decent volume.  I ran about 90 minutes a day from Monday through Friday, then 80 on Saturday (feeling awful), then rested on Sunday.  Totalled 71 miles for the week in singles.  I figure I’ll do something similar this week, but probably try to run all seven days.

I’ve also been getting in a bit of cycling, which is good, since the Muskoka tri is coming up in a few weeks.  I’m really excited at the moment, because this Friday I will be getting my tri bike…a Cervelo P2C!  Yes, I know everyone and their dog has a Cervelo, but it was really the best buy in my price range.  I wanted a carbon frame that I would still be happy with in a few years.  I figure I can upgrade the components later if I ever want to (and have the money to).  And I wanted to keep it under $3000, which I barely did, including taxes.  I’m getting fitted on Friday.

It’s nice to bit slightly more casual with running than usual.  I suppose I’m still following a pretty strict plan if I’m doing 70 or 80 mile weeks, but I’m not too uptight about it.  And I’m enjoying all of the easy-paced running, since I currently lack the motivation to drag myself out the door for some crazy interval workout.  I’ll want to do it when the times comes, but that’s not now.

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One Response to Three Weeks Lost…

  1. Amy says:

    Unplanned time off is so frustrating but always happens for good reason. Hope your training and biking feels good.


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