The Season in Review

I found a good article in the New York Times about long rest periods from exercise.  I was particularly interested in the part about blood plasma volume.  I couldn’t figure out why I was going to the washroom what seemed like every hour last week when I took some time off from running.  Mystery solved!

Since I have come to the end of my fall cross country season, I though I would review some of my training.  This is a basic overview of my daily and weekly mileage.  It doesn’t actually detail the workouts I did, or even specify when I did two runs in one day instead of one.  As a general rule, I did a four mile run every morning from Monday to Thursday.  Mondays and Wednesdays in the evening were interval workouts, while Tuesdays and Thursdays were longer easy runs (usually ten miles).  Fridays were spent either resting or doing a slow jog of race courses.  Saturdays were either race days or morning interval workouts.  Sundays consisted of one long run, usually two hours (until I started tapering in weeks 8 and 9).  Once I started my taper, the long run was shortened substantially, my morning runs were reduced to three miles, and my Tuesday and Thursday runs were reduced to about eight miles.

I’ll probably post something more detailed soon.  At some point, I hope to take a closer look at this season so that I can determine what went well and what needs adjusting.  80 miles per week seemed to work really well for me.  I would love to run more, but I know it’s a case of whether or not my body can handle it.  More Friday runs may be in the cards, and perhaps longer morning and off-day runs.  For now, I’m just taking the slow process of getting back into shape one week at a time!

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