A Snow Day is a Slow Day

I awoke this morning to find that the great outdoors had received something of a snowfall.  Wonderful news, I suppose, if one enjoys gazing at the lovely snow-covered rooftops across the street and making nostalgic comments about winter and Christmas.  If one actually has to run in this white mess…not so much.  Nevertheless, I threw on my windbreaker and tights and headed out for a run.

It was cold and rather unpleasant.  The snow had that granular and therefore slippery quality to it.  The lack of tread on my shoes only compounded this problem.  Forward progress was difficult (I believe they call this “two steps forward, one step back”).  Oh, and then there was the wind.  31 km/h, according to the weather network, and brutally cold.  I was out for one miserable hour.  It was all I could stand.  Thankfully, I’m on a down week at the moment, so I’m not too concerned about running a certain number of miles.

This post has been little more than a bunch of whining.  Basically, I need to HTFU.

Oh, and I uploaded a whole bunch of photos from cross country season to facebook.  Check ’em out if you enjoy bizarre facial expressions and self-deprecating humour.

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