Two Workouts Done and Three Sleeps Until Western…

It’s been a tough week, compounded by the fact that my wonderful housemate has infected me with his cold.  Today I woke up feeling awful, though my ability to breathe improved after my morning run.  I still went through a box of kleenex in two days, though.

Monday’s workout consisted of 4 X 1 mile with three minutes rest in between.  I felt pretty strong on this one.  My intervals were 6:04, 6:09, 6:01, 6:09.  I was happy that I was fairly consistent, since it’s tough to keep pace on intervals of that length when running alone.  Plus, the workout ended a less-than wonderful day on something of a positive note.  I had spent the entire day shuffling around campus at a very slow pace because of my blisters.  As a result, I was late for most of my classes.  I was also late for practice, since it took me a good ten minutes to get from class to the Phys-Ed Center, another few minutes to change, and a bit of time to tape my feet up again.  The group left without me.  Thankfully, I was only a few minutes behind, and joined them for the intervals.

Tuesday proceeded according to routine.  4 miles in the morning, and 10 at practice.  The time in between was spent sneezing and suffering.

Today’s workout was interesting.  It consisted of 12 X 400m with 1 minute rest.  We were supposed to run them in about 90 seconds, but our group ran in the 85-88 range for most of the intervals.  I was probably overthinking this one, as evidenced by my incessant babbling to my teammates about how to wrap my head around this workout.  I haven’t done intervals this short since January, so I had no idea how to deal with this workout!  Regardless, I ran pretty well, and I’m feeling strong for Western.  I’m getting really excited about this weekend’s race.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this pumped!

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