Goin’ Long

I woke up this morning to discover that my legs didn’t feel a thing from yesterday’s race.  My head, on the other hand, was certainly feeling yesterday’s several glasses of wine (more on that later).  My primary concern for today’s training, however, was the state of my war wounds on my heels.  I made my way over to the drug store to get some supplies to patch up my feet.  I couldn’t find second skin anywhere, so I opted for the spray-on bandaids.  It seemed to work well, even though it stung like hell for a bit.  I later read on the package that it was for small cuts, not large patches of skin that had been rubbed raw.  Oops.  I then applied real bandaids, and tape over that, so that the bandaids wouldn’t slip.

 The entire anti-blister configuration held up well over the course of my two-hour run.  I barely noticed the tape, and there was no pain to speak of!  As for the run itself, I found it to be the most enjoyable long run I’ve had in a while.  I started out with Liza, my housemate, for the first hour.  We explored Belle Park and Golf Course.  It was a nice run, since I rarely get out to that area.  We talked the entire time, moving along at a good but comfortable pace.  I set out on my own for the second hour, heading off in the opposite direction towards the Rideau Trail.  Over the course of my solo hour, I slowly picked up my pace.  I had no idea how fast I was going, so with about ten minutes to go, I made a mental note of where I was and my route from there to home.  Upon my return, I mapped out that section of the run and calculated that I had been running 7 minute mile pace by the end of the run.  I was probably my fastest section of the run, since I was pushing it to get home, but I’m happy that I was able to start the run at about 8 minute mile pace or more and gradually bring it down to 7 min/miles.  Usually, I’m extremely tired and slow by the end of a two hour run.  I logged it as 15 miles, though it was probably more.  Oh well.  It matters little what my training log says I did…what matters is what I’m capable of when I’m on the start line.

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