Leslie vs. the Wind, Take 2

 Yesterday was tough.  I did my usual four miles in the morning, and a workout on the Queen’s Invitational course with the team in the afternoon.  This course has finally been cut, so we are no longer stumbling through long grass.  The workout was a structured fartlek — 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, with 1 minute rest in between.  I started off with the front group of girls, moving at a good pace.  This went well until the second four-minuter, when the wind became very gusty and we worked a lot harder to maintain our pace.  On the next interval, I tried to maintain the same effort, but without the wind to slow me down, I ended up putting a gap between me and the rest of the group.  This was only about 30 seconds into the interval, and it had already started to hurt like hell, but I was stubborn and stupid, and didn’t want to suffer the embarrassment of going off on the front, then having the group reel me back in.  So I pushed hard for the last two, and just felt absolutely thrashed by the end of the workout.  That definitely wasn’t the plan for the evening, since I wasn’t feeling great at the start, and I wanted to take this week pretty easy.

 The fatigue is really starting to set in this week.  I can’t wait until Friday so that I can have my wonderful day off.  No class, no running, just putting my feet up and relaxing.  My theory is that my body will be able to recover a substantial amount in a day, since I’m so used to running twice a day.  I won’t do any double runs over the weekend, so hopefully that should help, too.  We have an intersquad competition on Saturday, which will decide who makes the varsity team.  My hope is that it will help me to get rid of some of the nervous energy I have, by putting in a solid effort.  Also, it will be a low-volume day, which will also be helpful.  How I feel on Sunday morning will determine how far I go on my long run.  I’m anxious to do another two hour run, but I could probably live with myself if I went shorter.

 I’m still figuring out my needs for nutrition.  I’ve finally gotten rid of the bloated feeling I’ve had since I got back from training camp.  It was really throwing me off, since it was skewing weight readings on the scale.  I’m currently back down to my pre-camp weight (116-7).  I’m still eating constantly, though.  And it’s at times when I don’t normally eat.  For example, I used to be able to do my morning run (4 miles) without eating beforehand, and eat breakfast when I came home.  Now, I need to eat a Vector bar in the morning because I feel hungry and weak when I get up.  And the snacks…I can’t believe how much I’m snacking.  Ideally I would be eating five small meals throughout the day, but I’m all over campus in the morning and the afternoon, so I’m stuck eating energy bars rather than salads.  I’m still playing around with nutrition, so I’ll have to see how it goes during this week and next week.

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